About Us

HD Decisions is focused on helping consumers find financial products more quickly and easily – helping them to shop around and to get the best deal that is right for them.

Each month, HD helps over 1,000,000 consumers in the UK by showing them credit cards, loans, mortgages, and other credit products that they have a very strong chance of being accepted for. At HD, we call this “Pre-qualification’ – i.e. the use of a ‘soft search’ or ‘quotation search’ to help a consumer understand which products they ‘qualify’ for, before they make an actual application for credit. We do this by working closely with major banks and lenders across the industry to understand in detail the type of customer they are likely to accept, and each result set returned is specific to the individual consumer.

HD Decisions was founded in 2008 in Nottingham by Mark Hawkins and Matt Denman, and since 2014 has been part of Experian.

HD Decisions has led the development of these tools for consumers on both price comparison sites and directly on banks’ websites.

Our products encourage more transparency for consumers – a view echoed by many of the leading regulatory bodies (e.g. FCA, CMA & UK Cards Association) who have all recommended the wider adoption of this genre of technology.

Winner of "Fair Lender" in 2017 Credit Awards

When you need a short term loan it can be difficult to decide where you get your loan from. So many to chose from, so many different interest rates, how do you know who would accept you for a loan for the cheapest rate? Affording Lending was created to help people that need a short term loan but are sometimes excluded from mainstream lenders. HD Decisions paired up with non for profit lenders like Credit Unions and CDFI’s (Community Development Financial Institution) to provide a service for consumers that allows them to find a lender that will accept them at the cheapest rates.

Credit Awards

In 2015 and 2016, two leading lenders launched TV and digital media campaigns with very strong consumer propositions around Pre-qualification. We are very proud to have been a part of these developments.

In the last few years, we are very pleased that the solutions that we have helped to build have featured on TV programs and more recently on TV adverts.

Martin Lewis

In January 2015, Martin Lewis (ITV, The Martin Lewis Money Show) included a feature on how leading price comparison sites now enabled consumers to see which money saving credit cards they qualified for. He talked about how they were easy to use, allowed the consumer to shop around without being penalised (i.e. damaging their credit history) and how they helped consumers understand which top offers they qualified for.

Martin Lewis on ITV

Winners of 2 categories at Credit Excellence Awards

At the Credit Excellence Awards in 2013, HD Decisions were the winners of both the Newcomer category and the Risk, Data and Fraud Prevention category.

Judge's comments

“There was strong competition for this year’s Newcomer category, with a high standard of entry from all applicants. However, this year’s winner demonstrated excellent professionalism, customer focus and outstanding innovation for their industry and is a very worthy winner.” - Steve Thomson, credit risk manager, Karro Food and presenting judge in the Newcomer category.

“The judges were impressed by the innovation and high quality of entries. We were especially taken by the focus on customer service. In the end we were unanimous in our decision.” - Russell Hamblin-Boone, chief executive, the Consumer Finance Association, presenting judge for the Risk, Data and Fraud Prevention category.

Image of two awards

Barclaycard 2010

The Barclaycard solution, provided by HD Decisions, was nominated and a finalist for two of the 2010 Credit Card Awards; Best Online Initiative and Best Achievement in Customer Service